Jan 21

Live Your Life Story in Jesus Christ

Listen to Jesus through Scripture and in your hearts. In listening, we receive the Grace of God. Jesus teaches us how to live. We too are born in simplicity, live lives of obscurity, answer our call to our mission, are betrayed, die to who we were, and become transformed. The life story of Jesus is our life story. Listen and live your life story in Jesus Christ.

Jan 21

Become More Like Jesus

We all need God’s help in our journey to becoming more like Jesus. Ask for this help from God. Spend time with Jesus listening to His words from the Gospels. Reflect on what your heart says to you. Be one with Jesus in spirit and hope.

Jan 21

Seek Humility In Jesus Christ

Be humble in Jesus Christ. We are called to live as people of The Way. Seek a heart of humble kindness. Help others. God knows your very thoughts and sees all your actions. A humble and contrite heart leads to generous actions that demonstrate peace, love, hope, justice and joy!

Jan 21

Seek The Wisdom of Jesus

Seek the wisdom of God daily. Pray for the insights needed to remain in The Way of Jesus. We are challenged to live with peace, love, hope and joy. We are to seek to service and support just ways of life. May the wisdom of Jesus infuse our lives each day.

Jan 21

Be The Light Of Christ For Others

We can be a light that shines for others. Letting Jesus shine through our actions and words changes the life of others. We can be the example needed to shed our light onto someone’s darkness and be the hope needed for someone in need. They exist all around us waiting for us to assist them. Be the Light of Christ for others.

Jan 21

God’s Grace Is In Your Life

Do you see evidence of God’s Grace in your life? Do you feel His presence and long to spend time with Him? Seek to find God in your life through the blessings of good friends, family and other evidence of God’s love for you. Grace is at work in your life. Live in that Grace. Let it shine forth in word and deed.

Jan 21

Christ Has Transformed Your Life

How has Christ transformed your life? Take note of all the amazing ways Jesus is a work in your life. Here, in your reflection, you will find the courage to face whatever is before you. In His Love, you will receive faith, hope and love so you can give it away!

Jan 21

Let Habits And Ways That Hinder You Go

In order to progress in your spiritual life, you will need to put ways that pull you away from Jesus behind you. You will need to let feelings and actions that steal your joy, peace and ability to serve behind you. Live in Jesus and His Way.

Jan 21

Let Your Words Speak of Love

Be on guard against speech that demeans others. Let your words match you love of Jesus Christ. He came to save all of us. We, if we are His friends and followers, too must love all and give service to those in need. Let you words match your actions of love.

Jan 21

Settle Your Soul In Jesus

When you feel insecure or lost, turn to Jesus in silent prayer. Settle your soul in Jesus Christ. Tell Him everything that concerns you and robs you of your peace. Jesus will stay with you and comfort you in your times of need. Be one of faith, hope and love even when you feel unsure and you are hurting.