Oct 20

Jesus Will Change Your Life

Jesus has changed my way of life. The Gospels, the Church, and the faith community have transformed my very life. In Jesus, I find my Savior, friend and confidante. Daily I walk with Jesus. I pray daily that I may always seek to walk in His Presence.

Oct 20

Our God is a God of Wonder!

Our lives are filled with the wonders of God. I marvel at nature and its beauty and diversity. The breath and depth of people on our planet is also amazing. I see the hand of God everywhere. My prayer at times is the simple word of Wow! God is so good to us each day!

Oct 20

Go to Jesus in Prayer

Call out to Jesus from the depths of your spirit. We can do this with a few words or some days it may take many. Jesus hears them all. He knows what is in the depths of your soul and what you truly need. Go throughout the day to be with Jesus in prayer.

Oct 20

Prayer is a Journey

We need to learn how to pray throughout our lives. Early in my life, prayers like the Our Father and the Hail Mary were my chosen prayers. I still pray these. However, I have added and now pray less words and do more silent listening. My twenty minutes of Centering Prayer each morning is where I take up a prayer word or phrase. It allows me to calm my mind and soul so it can receive the love of Jesus. Simpler and more reflective has become my chosen prayer form as I grow older. All prayer is wonderful. Choose what works for you now and continue to try new forms as you mature in your faith journey.

Oct 20

Turn Back to Jesus

God has forgiven all my sins. So many times I have turned away. Each time, Jesus welcomes me back. Sin is the turning away from my relationship with Jesus Christ. In returning, like the Prodigal Son, I am embraced and loved. God’s love is always exist for me even as I walk away in sin. Returning is my awareness that I have fallen away. I seek closeness with Jesus.

Oct 20

Pray With Scriptures

Prayer can take many forms. Scripture offers us so many ways to pray. Reading and reflecting on the readings of the day is one way I stay close to Jesus. Prayerfully reading the Gospel and then journaling is one of my daily practices. Prayer through Scripture is a rich form of prayer available to us all.

Oct 20

Pray With Words and Without Words

Prayer can use words or not. I use both silent and words-filled prayer. During my silent prayer time, I do use a single word mantra to help me recenter when I begin to think about my life again. Centering Prayer is mediative prayer that brings me into the presence of Jesus to listen, be loved and to prepare for my full days. Prayer is the live-giving recognition of the Presence of God.

Oct 20

Pray From Your Heart

Praying from the heart can involve small, simple words. The very name of Jesus is all we need to utter. Simple cries of help, thanks or wow are just as good as long prayers. The key is too offer our hearts to God. Our Dear Lord already knows what we need and desire. We only need to turn our heart to God to find comfort, joy and presence.

Oct 20

Pray Always - Use Few Words If You Can

My mother and father first taught me to pray. When I was young, I used many words in prayer. The older I get, the less words I use. God knows what I need. I pray to remind myself that I am entirely in the hands of Jesus Christ. Silent Centering Prayer now with a short mantra of a word or two is now all that I need. I love all forms of prayer - Eucharistic, Our Father, Hail Mary, and so many more. God hears my prayers daily.

Oct 20

God’s Tender Mercy

I have experienced God’s tender mercy so often in my life. I find it in my silent prayer and in the grace-filled love of those around me. God’s mercy is abundant! Jesus is a gift of mercy to us all. Go to Jesus to find mercy, peace and hope!