Drink From The Fountain Of Love

In our lives, we thirst for truth to guide us. We want hope to lead us forward. Love is the answer to our prayers. When we love, we experience the Great Love of God! Falling short is no reason to give up on Love. It is all the more reason to return again and again to the Love of Jesus Christ! Life is our journey with struggles and hardships. However, we are never alone and when we love we are on the path of Joy!

Control Your Secret Thoughts

Sin is where we abandon God’s Ways and it starts with a secret thought. When we let it stay within us, we are tempted to sin. Root out secret thoughts you know are not of God! With the Grace of God, you can stay faithful to His Ways! Jesus teaches us to command Satan to leave when we are tempted to do what we know will only harm us and others. It may not always be easy, but is certainly what is best for our souls!

Reject Sinful Thoughts

What do we do with thoughts that lead us away from God and God’s Ways? We reject them and let them float away like they came to us. When we do not give them our energy, they leave us and Our Lord Jesus and His Ways return! Have courage in His Cross! Let all that we do give Jesus Christ the Glory! Do not dwell on ways that will move you away from the promises you have received!

Humility In Arguments

Do you consider you can be wrong as you get into arguments? In doing so, you open up the possibility of creating a new understanding with those you argue with. Love demands considering the need to change in order to love the other even more. Change that results in greater love is always good! Love, God in this world, always wins!

Make Your Faith Obvious

Do others know you are a person of faith from your actions of love? Our very lives must show we are followers of Jesus Christ! Preach the Gospel daily – use words if you must. However, let there be no doubt that you are Christian because you a humble, giving, kind and loving – even to enemies. Let prayer be the basis of all you do today! Do your actions make it clear that the Holy Spirit guides you in Grace? If you do, you will not be perfect, but your actions will make your faith obvious.

Will You Keep The Truth?

What does telling the Truth of Jesus Christ mean to you? Is it worth the price of martyrs? Jesus bled and died for our souls. Can we offer our lives to Him? All is His!! The Truth is worth all that is ours to give!! When we lie and turn from Jesus we are betraying our beliefs and our life’s commitment. Joy awaits those who follow the Way of Jesus Christ!