May 20

Peaceful Moments with Jesus

My peace filled moments is what has increased my devotion to Jesus. My quiet meditation has increased my love and hope and joy! It is not my thoughts. It is the silence. Then I can act in a devoted way in love with our Lord Jesus!

May 20

Set Your Heart on Higher Things

I too often set my heart on lower things in life. I worry and plan and worry and plan. I reflect on my troubles and problems instead of the opportunity. Why is this Lord Jesus? Help me to live each moment fully. Help me to see the sunrises, the days full of hope, the sunsets and refreshing sleep as gifts. Help me set my heart on this moment that allows me to serve others and You. My heart needs to be set on giving my life to others and You, Dear Lord Jesus!

May 20

Find a Quiet Moment with Jesus

A quiet moment where I turn my heart to Jesus helps me come near to God. An experience of Grace with a friend or loved one helps me come near to God. A smile, laughter and accomplishing a meaningful task all can bring me nearer to God. I can be near God always if only I will notice God in all and of all.

May 20

Let Jesus Embrace You in Silence

I most enjoy the peace I receive when I am alone with Jesus. My whole being feels embraced. My thoughts can still attempt to pull me away but I try to remain calm and quiet. It is in this space that I feel His presence. Alone time with Jesus has become my best start to my day. It is also becoming my best go-to calming and recovery moment later in my day.

May 20

Find Rest from Your Anxieties in Jesus

I seek silence and to allow thoughts and anxieties to float away. I wish to just be held. However, it is so difficult not to rush to do the next activity or into the next thought. Being silent and overcoming thoughts or anxieties with my prayer words - small in number - gives me true relief. The word of Jesus is enough to find Jesus. He always rushes to me and is always present if I only ask.

May 20

Seek the Awe and Wonder of Jesus

In mediation or centering prayer I attempt to let my fear and anxiety go. I offer them to Jesus in prayer. Anxiety can be so disabling. I must entrust it to Our Lord. When I do, I can be fully present to Jesus and His Loving Presence. I must seek awe and wonder in the Presence of Jesus.

May 20

Life Needs Healthy Activity and Contemplation

It can be very hard to find contemplation time for me. I do find it in my morning daily meditation and I am working to find it in other places in my daily life. However, meaningless activity can quickly overwhelm me. I must choose healthy activity. I must also choose healthy contemplation.

May 20

Choose the Contemplative Life While Active

My contemplative life is not yet fully engaged. I have the capacity for such a higher level of contemplation while still increasing my active life in Christ! I must find the moments of contemplation while being active each moment. Make my life of one of active contemplation, Dear Lord!

May 20

Grace with Jesus

My life is so full - and yet I miss so many graces in it. So many small graces. I do wish to sit at the feet of Jesus like Mary and yet my Martha attracts me away into activities when I should just turn and look for Jesus. His simple graces are everywhere and for everyone!

May 20

Finding Rest in Our Spiritual Life with Jesus

I would like to be fully alive in my spiritual life. I have a rich spiritual life when I stay committed to it. I find consolation and hope when I am with Jesus. I find insight from the Daily Gospel readings and the readings of the Daily Mass. I find hope in the Examen reflection. I seek times of mediation through my day. I find spiritual reading rewarding and insightful. When I am attentive - my life is so much richer and satisfying. I am also at peace when I am in this state.