Aug 20

Turn to Jesus Routinely

My eyes remain turned toward Jesus. However, sometimes I look away and let myself leave His presence. I must stay devoted to daily quiet listening periods and frequent pray throughout my day. The Lord Jesus is always present. I pray that I may turn to Him each day and frequently during it! Amen.

Aug 20

Jesus Loves Everyone - So Must We

To be with Jesus we must fight against any prejudices which lay in our conscious and subconscious. Jesus Christ loves all. So must we love all. To do so is to walk with Jesus on a daily basis. I pray we may all find the strength to love as Jesus Loves!

Aug 20

Trust in Jesus Despite Your Fear

My fears and worries make it hard for me to rest in the love of Jesus Christ. I cannot find peace in my heart and mind when I dwell on the challenges before me and the world. I must trust that Jesus Christ will conquer all! I pray for this peace of heart and mind. Amen!

Aug 20

Jesus Calls Us to Kindness to Those Most in Need

Foreigners and others who need our kindness offer us a chance to give love to those we do not know. They are not our family and friends. When we treat individuals who may not be able to repay us with kindness and compassion, we are spreading the Gospel of Jesus. All people are our neighbors, according to Jesus. We must love and be kind to foreigners. My good friend from the Congo was a foreigner whom I treated with kindness, who later became one of my dearest of friends. Kindness changes the world!

Aug 20

Jesus Call Us to Love Even the Hard to Love

People who do not treat me well I find hard to love. People who act cruelly I also find hard to love. However, Jesus Christ calls us to love everyone and especially those who are hardest to love. They need our love the most. We must live in God’s Grace and give Love to all!

Aug 20

Love as Jesus Loves

I am called to love everyone as Jesus does. This is a difficult task. He did call me to “love my neighbor as my self.” I must love all equally and not show favoritism. Not all will treat me well. Not all will act as a friend. Jesus experienced this as well. He too, lived by His call to love all without bias. May I do so, with the help of Jesus, each day!

Aug 20

Welcoming Others Like Jesus

Welcoming new people into our lives routinely is a part of Love, as Jesus showed. In His ministry, He loved those who were strangers. He welcomed those He did not know. We too must welcome and pray for everyone, even those who harm us or hurt us. We do not need to let them harm us, but if they do we are to forgive them and not retaliate. Welcoming new people is our way to show Jesus we have listened to Him and Love All - as He does!

Aug 20

Love We Must

My parents and relatives were the first to teach me to love. They also introduced me to the Love of Jesus. Our Triune God was so amazing. Scriptures helped me learn about Jesus and His Way. I began to live in Love. Love surrounded me - if I sought it. I do fall back into ways that are not Loving. Jesus, in my quiet moments with Him, brings me back to Love. Love of others and Love of Jesus is what teaches me daily how to love. And, Love I must!

Aug 20

Rejoice in Jesus

Love is patient, kind, giving and completely of God. We must come to allow ourselves to experience the depth of the love that Jesus Christ has for us - and for all. When we rejoice in this love, we will be free of our guilt, shame and lack of love for ourselves and those all around us.

Aug 20

Love is the Message of Jesus

Love is the greatest of all virtues. It best defines Jesus and His life of service to us. He taught. He healed. He forgave others - even those who killed Him. He gave His very life so we might see the very depth of His love for us - and for all. Love defines us as Christians. To be Christ-like, is to love others - even when they wrong us and the world around us. Love like this takes the Grace of Jesus Christ!