Sep 19

Mystics Listen to Scripture with their Hearts

The Scriptures offer many lessons for our heads and hearts. But, in the quiet of our day, we can listen with our hearts at a deeper level. Here we can hear we are loved and called to be One with Love.

Sep 19

Don’t Lose Heart

The world seems to be chaotic and often without Grace. It is not. Do not lose heart in your life. Mystics see God everywhere- even in the chaos.

Sep 19

Mystics Live Life

Mystics can be ordinary people just living their lives- but with greater awareness. Mystics see all as of God. All is Grace! Mystics let this great mystery guide them each day and during each encounter.

Sep 19

Mystics Need Downtime

Busyness can be the enemy of time with God. When we aren't available, we can't be open to the gentle and loving embrace of our God. Meditation and time in nature can ready us to feel the love so readily given to us. Seek downtime. Let your mind and heart feel unburdened- even if it is only for a few minutes.

Sep 19

Everyday Mystery

Each day has the mystery of Grace. God gives life to us and the world around us - each and every day. We can marvel at it! We can rest in the beauty of it! We can smile - and embrace it! This is a Mystics choice. Make it your choice!

Aug 19

Every Day is Mystical

Each day is a gift and contains mystery- because it is of and contains God's presence. We can marvel in it. We can just let it hold us and wrap us in Love. Enjoy the gift of today!

Aug 19

A Mystic Surrenders to Grace

It is so hard to give over control of one's life to another. And yet, we have a Savior we can trust to love. lead and walk with us on the journey. Mystics die to themselves first so they can be born anew in Grace.

Aug 19

Mystics Use What They Are Given

Mystics use what is given. Often we cannot choose our circumstances. We just must respond from the Grace within. All we need in the moment is given by God. It is always available. We must just be open - and use it. This takes faith - and courage!

Jul 19

Mystics Embrace All Life Offers

Life is often unpredictable. Sometimes we can tell what is coming. Other times it surprises us. Mystics embrace it all. With Grace, we can journey on confidently that we are loved by Jesus Christ. This is enough for today.

Jul 19

Mystics Need Silence

Mystics need to cultivate periods of silence in their lives. Silence is where God breaks through into our lives. Our minds race ahead. Our being follows. Give yourself the gift of silent moments - and the awareness of God in those moments. God certainly is with us and in us always. Silent moments are where we can recognize it and be truly grateful for it. Let go - and let God speak to your heart in silence.