Accept Sufferings And Rejoice!

As Christians, we have Jesus as a powerful example of accepting sufferings and converting them into life-saving commitments of love. Let us see all our suffering as roses and flowers to Jesus! We can rejoice in the joy they bring in Heaven! Suffer daily and offer them up for those who need our prayers and petitions. Your glory is the Glory of Jesus!

Add To God’s Beauty

Do we add to the remarkably beautiful world that God has created? How could we daily? If we give humbly of ourselves daily we add to the beauty of the world around us. Jesus is our Way. Our faith is a means to genuinely give of ourselves in a profound way. Life is a gift to us that we can give back to others and God. Let this be our daily commitment.

Use Your Short Time Well

Life is short and transitory. What are you doing with it? We must use it well and with the Grace of God. Our youth and beauty are lost quickly. Live life with purpose. Jesus Christ shows us the Way and walks with us daily. Notice Him! Follow Him! In doing so, this short life will offer you great joy, hope, and true peace. And, in the next life which is eternal, you will be well prepared to follow Jesus and be with Him forever!

God Speaks To Our Minds

God speaks to us in so many ways. We hear from close friends, our local church, Scripture, and so many many other ways. But, God also speaks to our hearts and minds directly. Let us listen for God’s truth. Our reason was given to us to live lives of grace, hope, and purpose. Jesus is ever present to us if we only allow Him in moment by moment. May He always walk with us.

Contemplate God’s Love All Around You!

All creation cries out the Glory of Our God! Look at the trees, skies, animals, mountains, and oceans and you see God’s Goodness! Reflect on the great depth of human diversity and capacity. Do you now see the hand of God in it all? It is everywhere!! Spend some moments contemplating just how awesome Our God is! It brings us to our knees. It brings great longings for intimacy. This is God’s deepest desire – to be intimate with each and everyone of us!

God Is At The Beginning

All begins with God. Our science attempts to explain all that is but will fall short in fully explaining God. We must put our faith in God as our beginning and final destination. No amount of science and investigation will ever alter this path of truth. Seek God daily. Let Jesus show you His Way. Follow His example and Way. In doing so you will be offered the Grace you need for life daily.

All Called To Be Saints

Our primary vocation as followers of Jesus Christ is to become saints. To do this we have so many role models in the Saints declared by the Church. We also have Jesus Himself showing us the way. Depend upon God’s Grace and you can become a saint. Live a life of humble service, deep prayer, and kindness toward all. Let your life reflect the Love that Christ has for you daily!

Gradual Spiritual Growth

Don’t get discouraged in how slow your spiritual growth occurs. Your growth into spiritual perfection is gradual and is aided by your holy desires and resolutions. Maturity in faith, hope, and love takes time. Stay committed to your faith and let God take control of your growth. Let God’s Will be your will! Daily stay faithful in prayer and good deeds. Your spiritual development is often growing in secret known only to Our Lord.