How Are You Closer To Jesus?

Over the past months and year, how have you grown closer to Jesus and His Ways? Mystics let God fill their lives with His Way, His Message and His feelings of faith, hope and love. We grow closer to Jesus as we live our moments in devotion to Him. Let yourself draw closer to Him despite your sins. Jesus always welcomed all who sought to come to Him.

Sometimes We Wait

Waiting is a part of life. At times, we will need to wait to hear from God. This should not surprise us. Timing is important and we may not be ready to hear the answer to our prayers quite yet. Maybe, a challenge is not to be removed as of now. God does know what is best for us. Sometimes, it is painful, boring or untimely for us. Our time is not always God’s time. In these moments, we need to be patient, pray and show our love to others. Christians need to persevere and turn to Jesus as our Companion and Savior.

Wait For Jesus

How are you at waiting for Jesus? It may feel at times like prayer is a waste of time. But, is it really? If you don’t feel anything, does that make it a waste of time for you? We will wait patiently for many things and many other people. Why don’t we do the same for Jesus, our eternal friend and savior? Spend time waiting on the Lord Jesus Christ. You will never be disappointed when He finally arrives.

Living Temples

Our lives are living temples of God. Within us resides the Triune God. Live you life as an expression of God’s love for all people and all of creation. When we live in this manner, we are living our calling. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Dwells Within Us

We are the sacred temples of Jesus Christ. Within us lives the Triune God. Reflect on that for just a moment. How does it feel? We are called to be the hands and feet of God’s faith, hope and love for the world. Each moment we can exercise our free will and live lives of great value to those around us. Choose to embrace the Christ within.

God Will Surprise You

God will certainly surprise you by appearing in your life in many unexpected ways. We expect God in our loved ones. We may not expect the presence of God is many others who show us kindness. Every encounter with nature is an encounter with the living God that gives life to everything. Let God surprise you today!