All is Sacred to Mystics

All that is- is sacred in the eyes of mystics.  We should not look to define what is sacred and what is not.  This limits our Triune Lord’s ability to transform all that is into all that is sacred.  Bad things happen.  Evil is real.  However, our Triune Lord transforms all because all is meant to be sacred.  This is the mystery of all of life.  Our part is to see and act to bring about the sacred through Christ Jesus.  We do so by first acknowledging that all is sacred and God transforms all.  We live differently when we look for and seek all as sacred.  Each moment is a gift – even the most painful or sinful – once it is transformed.  We are limited.  We fall short.  Others fall short.  Keeping our eyes fixed on what can and is sacred – eventually all – makes us living and developing and growing – mystics.  Live life sacredly.

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