Patience Is Required

To live a life of love, one must practice patience. Patience means waiting on God to right the wrongs in our life. It means waiting for Grace. Trust in God’s timing. God has heard your prayers! All is Loved and it takes time for it to occur. Let us pray and act with loving patience!

Who Around You Needs Help?

Many times those closest to us are in need and are suffering. What can you do to easy their pain? How can you do more to truly help them? What resources and reassurances can you offer to lighten their loads. When others were in need, Jesus came to them and offered to help them. He even dignified them by asking them what help they sought from Him. Let us ask others how we can help them overcome their suffering in whatever way we can offer. All can give even a little when others are in need. When we do we show we care.

Serve Others Through Local Charities

Sometime the need is so great that we cannot serve the needy by ourselves. We can become a part of charitable organizations that can reach more and do more than we could ever do on our own. Unite with others who care deeply about the needy and ways to help them overcome their circumstances. We are called to love – especially those who need help the most! Do so in the love of Christ.

Charity In Secret

Follow the advice of Jesus and give to others in secret without fanfare. Doing this gives you great Grace and not praise. Do not give for the praise. Give for the way it helps others. This is how we are to give to those in need. We are also in need and hope that others give to us without needing praise or recognition. Love as God loves us – without need of praise. Grace is a free gift to all!

Show Charity Always

We are called to be charitable in all circumstances. This may be hard when we judge others as being immoral or hurtful to us. We may find others lazy or misguided. It matters not. We are to treat them as Jesus Christ would – as royalty and in need of loving respect and attention. This is the Way!

Give Willingly

Let our hearts reflect the Love of God! Let us give willingly when asked not judging who is deserving of love. God loves all. God knows the hearts of everyone. Our role is to care like God does. Jesus showed us the Way to Love. He gave freely to those who needed His help and compassion. We must do likewise – and will be extending His love to others this very day!

Love All – Even Enemies

Jesus made it clear that we are to withhold our love from no one! Love is given to us freely and we are to give it away just as freely. If God loves all, so must we. This is no doubt hard to do. We need the Grace of God and God’s Love to do this well. Alone we are limited. With our Triune God, all is more than possible, it is inevitable!