Use Your Wealth For Others

All of our gifts – especially our gifts of wealth and resources are to be used for others. Are we giving to those in need? Do we care for the poor, the sick, the lonely, and the hopeless outcasts of our society? To do so is to be living The Way of Jesus! We are called to give of all of ourselves so others may experience the deep love and affection of Our Great Loving Lord!

Drink From The Fountain Of Love

In our lives, we thirst for truth to guide us. We want hope to lead us forward. Love is the answer to our prayers. When we love, we experience the Great Love of God! Falling short is no reason to give up on Love. It is all the more reason to return again and again to the Love of Jesus Christ! Life is our journey with struggles and hardships. However, we are never alone and when we love we are on the path of Joy!