Don’t Blame God For Sin

God knows all. God even knows our future – to include our sins. However, God is not to blame for not preventing our sin or even evil. Free will is our gift. We all have it. Choosing God’s Way and Will is how we are to respond. When we fail, let us return to God and seek forgiveness. Jesus is our truest guide to life of love, peace, and joy!

Free Will And Decisions

We are gifted with free will. How will we use it? Will we give ourselves completely to Jesus Christ? Let us make wise decisions with our free choices to love and be loved by Christ! Let our every move be of love for others! The Holy Spirit will guide our free will if we only listen, learn, and act justly. All is made whole in our Triune God who loves all and calls all to be One with God!

Does Sin Have A Hold On You?

Do not let things of this world consume you. Jesus calls us to let His Way occupy our every word and deed. Material things are necessary, but can we limit their hold on us? So many good things to excess become our obsession. Avoiding the overuse or abuse of what is good is critical. And, of course, stay far away from what is evil and removes us from God. Jesus always welcome us into His life of love, peace, and joy!