Be Forgiven

Do you seek forgiveness? It is yours for the asking! We will fall short. We will hurt others. Seek the loving forgiveness of Christ! And, in turn, give your forgiveness to others! We were never built to carry our guilt around. We are not to deny others our forgiveness as well. God is so gracious!! Jesus bore all of our guilt and has forgiven us even unto today!

Hold This World In Awe And Moderation

The world is so amazing! It is a true gift from God. However, material things are of this world and not of Eternity. Do we hold material things in the proper priority? Moderation in all things of this world is critical to our growth in faith, hope, and love. Be amazed but not transfixed by this world. Give glory and honor to God. Let Jesus guide your every action. Scripture and the Church will help you discern what you are to do and give your attention to. Invest your efforts wisely.