Do You Experience Dryness In Your Prayer?

The Lord always has our best interest in mind – even in prayer consolations. When they are absent, it may because of our actions and need for forgiveness. It may also be due to temptations of the evil one. Finally, it may be to remind us that all consolations – and even desolations – are from or allowed by God. All is gift! When we feel the sweetness of consolation, see it as gift and cherish it deeply! But, in all cases, never stop praying!

Letting Go Of Anger

We must forgive others so we can fully surrender to Jesus in prayer. Even the Our Father contains forgiving others as we are forgiven. Let us take forgiveness seriously so our prayer can be deep and fruitful. Jesus shows us the way to forgiveness on the Cross. Even there, He forgave His tormentors. When we let go of hurts, are hearts are now free to worship and embrace the love of God! Do not delay!

Quiet Place For Jesus

Our minds can become places of constant worries, thoughts, and distractions. Let us find quiet places and times to devote ourselves to Our Lord. When we find these moments, they give us great joy and peace! All can be for this moment with Our Truest Friend! It will propel us to do more for others and to calm our passions in His Name.

Distractions During Prayer

The Evil One will use distractions to keep us from focusing on our prayer. Prayer is our connection to the Eternal One, our Lord God. If our prayer can be distracted, we lose our opportunity to be with Jesus. Guard prayer with all your being!! Do not let yourself stray from your prayer. Fight to be quiet and to hear the still small voice of the Spirit! Distractions will come to us in prayer. We can count on their presence. Do not let them occupy your mind, heart, and soul! Push through to be with God all day long!

Turn To God In Temptations

Do temptations threaten to overwhelm you? Turn to God to guide you to your next steps. As the Our Father says, we turn to God during temptations to protect us, guides us, and even forgive us when we have sinned. What a wonderful Lord to care for us is such blessed ways! Give you life to Jesus! Through trials and tribulations and in all temptations He is with you each moment of each day!