Pray The Our Father With Meaning!

Do we actually absorb what we are praying in the Our Father? We must let this prayer sink into our souls for it is from Jesus. He teaches us how we are to come to God in prayer. We are praying praises to God of Heaven and Earth. We wish for God’s Kingdom to come and His Will to be ours as we live it. We ask God to give us our bread for today. We wish to be forgiven as we too forgive. We seek to be delivered from temptation and to be led to away from evil. So beautiful is this prayer! We can base all of our spiritual life on this simple, powerful prayer!

Don’t Let Distractions Keep You From God

Today’s world is littered with so many distractions! We can forever be preoccupied and unavailable for God. Let us turn our attention to Jesus, Scripture, prayer, and good deeds. Unholy distractions can lure us into so much wasted time and keep us from those times of prayer, devotion, and service to others. Let us pray for the Grace of heavenly focus!