Humbly Thank God

We have been given so much! Daily we see God’s Grace all around us! And, God sent Jesus to teach us how to live. His death and resurrection signal that true life comes from following His Way. Let’s us humbly learn from Jesus through Scripture, reflection, and prayer. Daily we are called to follow Him!

Weak And Powered By God

We must allow God to fill in our weaknesses. Jesus was one of us in all ways but sin. His humility is an example for us to live with the Divine Presence. When we are weak, we an be strong in Jesus Christ! Let us not waiver in our commitment to Him! When we acknowledge our limitations, it can bring us strength from God. Let us go to Jesus frequently throughout the day!

Turn Bad Into Good

Bad things will happen. Sin is a part of our world. How shall we respond? We must bring our good to the service of others. God brings good into the world and so must we use our best efforts to transform bad into good. Sin has no place in our lives so we must turn from it. Take even the evils of the world and pray for good to overcome them. Do your part in making our world a better place!

Soul Focus

Do not spend your time worrying about money or material troubles. Instead, focus on your soul and how it is and your service of others. God will grant you all you need in accordance with Grace. Let your moral growth be your daily focus. Lift up your thoughts and concerns in prayer. Give your soul and its maintenance your highest attention. Let is lead to service of others, especially those most in need.

Hate The Sin, But Love The Person

As Christians, we are to love all people despite their sins. God loves us so. We must follow God’s example. Jesus died for all and to liberate us all from sin. Let us live like Jesus. He loves us all so deeply and underwent such humiliation and degradation. Through it all, He forgave even the sins of His tormentors and executioners. Such great love! Let us love all and see them for the children of God we all are!