When Tempted Pray The Sign Of The Cross

We will be tempted daily. Reverently making the Sign of the Cross is a prayer to guard us against the enemy of our souls and temptation. Jesus Christ freed us with His death on the Cross. His Ways provide us the path to live in freedom. The Sign of the Cross rededicates us to the Holy Trinity and calls upon God to guard us and keeps us safe. This small, but very mighty prayer brings our hearts back to Jesus Christ and all He means to us!

Pray The Sign Of The Cross

The Sign of the Cross is a prayer of it’s own. We make it often before and after prayer which is very good. But, it is also a prayer on it’s own. We can consecrate our lives and our actions to God when we pause to make this simple, powerful gesture of love! Sign yourself often and do so for others in love. The Sign of the Cross reminds us of the great love of Jesus and the family of the Holy Trinity who loves us ever so dearly!

Pray Nightly An Examen

One of the best daily prayer habits is the Examen. This practice of the Jesuits and others is prayerful reflection of our day for all of its blessings and challenges. It is a time to be grateful and to seek forgiveness. It can also calm our souls for restful sleep. Develop this wonderful habit and embrace it daily! It will change your days – and life!

Daily Actions Clothed In Prayer

We have so many ways to pray. Let’s use them all. St. John Eudes encourages us to use our daily dressing to thank Jesus for “dressing Himself in our humanity”. He became like us in all things except sin. Each day, He dressed Himself with clothes like us. We can be grateful we have clothes and thankful we have today to live in a way to glorify God in all our actions. Praise and love God throughout your daily actions!

Prayer Seasons

Our prayer life will go through seasons. Consolations can be for a season with dryness to follow. In it all, stay close to Jesus devoted to your prayer life in Him. Comfort comes through these consolations which can bring great joy and devotion. Drink in these experiences as you get to know Jesus. However, seek the Lord Jesus not for the consolations. For, at times, the consolations will fade or even cease. In these times, God is preparing you as adult in faith much like a baby matures into a child and later an adult. All is for your good. God is your objective in prayer so stay devoted to it day after day.

Guard Against Distractions In Prayer

It is all too easy to get distracted while at prayer. Our minds can wander. We can fail to focus as we get pulled in so many directions. Give yourself the gift of focused prayer. Soak in God’s Presence in a time of quiet prayer. Use verbal prayers to focus your intent and mind toward God. Do not let your everyday thoughts and worries separate you from Jesus Christ and His world of love, peace, and hope that He offers you!

Pray Without Ceasing!

St Paul pleaded with us to “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). How can we do this? One way is to long for God throughout our day. St. Augustine said this was a way to pray without ceasing. This heart-felt approach to living our day let’s us be connected to God in a form of prayer from morning to night. In doing so, we are transformed and preach the Gospel with our every breath. Pray without ceasing!

Use Prayer In Your Spiritual Battles

Prayer is needed in our daily spiritual battles and struggles. We can look to our Creator, Savior, and Advocate that is supreme and subjects all of creation to God’s power. We do not have a weak and ineffective God. For now, the battle rages and is allowed to rage on. We do not yet know all that is accomplished in the struggle and journey. However, we know the final results are good and victory is assured. Jesus conquered even death – death on a cross! He is our companion on the journey of our minds, body, and souls. Never forget Jesus stands with us with a deep understand of the challenges and battles of the heart, mind, and soul. In the end, Jesus Christ was and will always be victorious – as will we if stay close to Him!

Thy Kingdom Come

Do we reflect deeply when we say the Our Father and pray for God’s Kingdom to come? We need to let God enter our lives so He can use it to further the Kingdom as Jesus Christ proclaimed. The Kingdom is lived now when we live as directed. We can love and care to bring it about in our lives each day. Pray for and live the Kingdom today!