Attitude Of Gratitude

Do we live grateful lives toward Our Lord? When we acknowledge all of our gifts it changes us. We are kinder, more caring, and even more humble. We have been given so much. Our Triune God is so gracious to all! It would take a lifetime, and all of eternity, to properly express our gratitude! Let’s us begin today – and do so on behalf of others as well. Let gratitude soften our hardened hearts daily!

Struggling To Find God’s Will?

God gives us all we need. We can also know His Will for us if we are looking for it. God would not hide from us what is life giving. It is readily available for all. However, do we want to listen to God or to follow our own will? Listen to the still small voice within. It is gentle, clear, and compelling. When we go astray we know. When we come back home to God, it feels life-giving and compelling. Learn to listen and do the Will of God. It is a life-long journey we are all called to be on.

Prayer Is Powerful

Prayer changes lives. It starts with our own lives when we commit ourselves to prayer. God is available to us as we still ourselves to pray. In so many ways, we can see how prayer impacts our lives and those we love. It is our response to both tragedy and great joy. We scarcely know the full power of prayer. Let’s commit to seeking prayer consistently and with great gratitude!

We Must Pray

The enemy of our souls, the devil, will attempt to keep us from prayer. Pray anyway. Use all your might to keep to your prayers daily. Drifting from our prayer is the number one outcome wanted by our adversary. Only Jesus Christ can save us. Only prayer will keep us close to the Way of Christ. Stay true to your prayer always.

Fruitful Prayer Attitudes

Ensure you have productive prayer attitudes as you turn to Our Lord. Be humble for we are not entitled to God’s Presence. It is a gift. And yet, come in confidence that Jesus wants to be with you this moment. Come with pure intentions letting go of all that separates you from Jesus. And finally, be persistent and persevere in your prayer. God’s Presence is the true gift of prayer and not the wish we ask for. Go to Him over and over and over again. Let prayer be your life!

Prayer Is Vital And Urgent

Do we cut our time short in prayer? Do other responsibilities take precedence over prayer? If so, we need to rearrange our life and give the time necessary to prayer. As a Christian, time in prayer with Jesus must take precedence. It is how we grow in love and service. We growt and have our being when we have the Presence of Jesus in our lives. Prayer is vital and must remain an urgent priority. Schedule meaningful prayer time. Pray when idle turning your attention to Him frequently throughout the day. Live joyously in His Presence each day!

What Is Prayer?

“Prayer is a respectful and loving elevation of your mind and heart to God. It’s a joyous meeting, a holy communication, a divine conversation between God and the Christian”, according to St. John Eudes.
(The Life and the Kingdom of Jesus in the Soul, I, 10). It is adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. For the followers of Jesus it’s a partaking in the Trinity and all of the Joy it brings! Let’s us pray always and in all we do!

Public Trust

Public officials are challenged to live a life of virtue. If you are one, pray for the strength to govern wisely and to serve the public with true respect and truthfulness. Be wise and caring. If you are not a public official, pray for those who are and give them solid advice on how to conduct themselves. The need to know you care for them and support their ethical behaviors. Serving others is our calling as followers of Jesus Christ. Government officials have an especially difficult and important role in our society and we must support them in their ethical behavior.