Holy Thoughts

Our minds flow with thoughts. Do we promote and entertain holy thoughts that enhance the growth in our spiritual life? Or do weeds of unholy and distracting thoughts occupy our minds. We need to promote our growth with thoughts that give us renewed life in Jesus Christ!

Struggling With Inappropriate Thoughts?

We will often get stray thoughts and they may be inappropriate. But what do we do with them? Do we entertain them? This is where we must practice discipline and virtue. Turning our thoughts and actions toward God and helping others is our best response. Praying, reading Scripture, and listening to or singing spiritual songs are great ways to move our mind and actions back to Jesus.

Opportunities To Assist Others

Wealth in and of itself is not evil or good. What we do with our earthly time, talent, and treasure is what we are held accountable for by Our Lord. Use your gifts for the Kingdom of God. How are you called to give of yourself? What is the mission Jesus has given you in this life? He wants you to be with Him this day. Use all you have to follow Him today. All is gift. Use it wisely!

Pursuit Of Money

Rich or poor can be focused on money and its pursuit. Guard your heart and mind from the obsession of money and those actions that lead you to sin. Let your life be focused on love of others. Give your time to His Ways daily. A healthy understanding of what is needed is what we should pursue. Let your heart rest in Jesus Christ.

Christ Came For The Lost

We must value all people – especially for those who appear lost, broken, and hurting. The least of us was the special concern of Jesus Christ. He died for all and we need to remember this in our thoughts and deeds. Even those who are hard to love, we must love like Christ did. Let us take on the attitude of love that comes from Jesus. Reach out and care for all – especially those most in need.

Generosity Of Time, Advice, And Encouragement

We may not have much money to give others. Jesus calls us to give generously of our time and talent. This can be our real offering to others beyond what treasure we may have. Give joyously of yourself and all God has given to you. Just as important, we all have advice and encouragement we can share freely. This type of help can be so valuable. And, we all can do it with gentle and humble hearts! These are gifts to be shared!