Live Your Love

Does our life show our deep love for Jesus Christ? Can others tell we believe in endless love and forgiveness? The Church helps us on our daily mission. The Sacraments give us the strength to love ourselves so we can love others. Mass gives us the Word and the Eucharist to lift us up to God. Let your life be a life of love!

Holy Spirit Help Make Me Holy

The Holy Spirit wishes to guide us to greater holiness. The Spirit can be called upon to infuse us with greater faith, love, and hope. Do we call on the Spirit to do this within us? If not, we should! Jesus Christ gifted us with the Spirit when He Ascended into Heaven after His Resurrection. We too often can neglect the immense power and graces of the Spirit. Let us call upon the Spirit now – and every day!

Comfort Others

When we see the pain of the Crucifix, does it compel us comfort others? Can we be the hands, feet and words of comfort for our brothers and sisters? Caring for those in need is our calling. Jesus said we would be judged at the end of time by our willingness to care for others who need us the most. Can we begin, even in small ways, to do this? When we live our lives committed to helping others in need, we are living Christianity.

Listen Deeper

In your prayer moments, listen deeply for the message of Jesus Christ. It lies deep within your heart and soul. Praying more will not suffice if you are not also attempting to rest within and listen for its meaning. Jesus has more to tell each of us. His Presence is transformational. However, we must learn to listen deeply for Him. As we do, we will gain additional Graces.

Do You Have Peace?

All is well in Jesus Christ! In Him, will you find true peace and joy! Do not stray from His Grace and Love. When we do, we will find ruin and be dissatisfied. The World offers so many bright and shinny things! We can become distracted and lured away from what is tried and true in Christ. But, if you want true peace it will only be found with Jesus Christ and His Ways! Seek peace, my friend.

Drink Of The Holy Spirit

In our lives, we need water to survive. Our souls need the Living Water of the Holy Spirit. When we receive this Holy Water, it refreshes our entire being. It brings to us virtue and love. This is life giving! Jesus sent the Spirit to His followers. The Spirit gives them courage, hope, and joy. With the Spirit we can experience joy even during our trials. We know we are loved. This is the greatest of joys! Drink deeply of the Spirit in your life!

Seek The Heart Of Jesus

Are you seeking the Heart of Jesus? Will you let yourself surrender to His gentle Heart and Way? If you seek it, He has promised you shall find it. He wants you to possess His Heart and all the Graces it will grant to you. He wants this more than you can know. Why not let Him be granted His wishes? Joy will overflow within. Peace will wash over you. Love will be your only desire. Give yourself the goal of seeking the Heart of Jesus!

Power In Trusting God

We have access to immense power! God is the source of all life. Jesus, our Savior and the Son of God, shows us the Way forward. This requires our humility to never stop listening and learning. When we grow closer to Jesus Christ and more like Jesus Christ, we are more powerful than we can truly imagine. Go deep into your prayer and service of others. This is the power of love that lasts!

A New World In Christ

Do you see within yourself a New World brought by Jesus Christ? Is your life made anew? This is what the promise of our faith and hope in Christ brings to us – if we see it! It is both a feeling and a new way to live. Cast off the old world to receive the New World of Jesus! This world is bathed in love, hope, and joy! It looks to its Savior Jesus following in His footsteps daily. It is one of announcing a New Way to live and experience our lives! Rejoice in your new world which is His New World! Alleluia!