Seek Jesus For He Is Present

We only must believe and seek Him. Jesus is present within us. We know this. Our Triune God is always near and within us. When we believe, we now can seek and find God. This longing from within is our call to find God in our hearts and souls. Giving our minds to the Eternal One is our choice to follow the truth. In doing so, we find what is always within us. Seek God and find His loving abundance within.

Saints Peter And Paul Show The Way

Two great saints of our faith show us the way to seek forgiveness and honor Jesus. Both sinned gravely. Peter, having known Jesus and seen His public ministry up close, denied Him three times. Paul jailed and sanctioned the killing of the early Christians. And yet, once they realized their errors, repented and believed again. Beyond that, they told all who would listen of their great love of Jesus Christ. In even small ways, can we be more like Peter and Paul? Doing so puts us in great company!

Let Jesus Stay In Your Heart

Mary, Joseph and Jesus could not find room at the inn. Instead, they went to a humble stable with the animals. In a manger of hay lay the King of All Kings! May I make room in my humble soul for Jesus to reside! May I welcome Him in! This is a request we all need to grant. Our hearts and souls are the true places of residence Jesus desires!! Let us swing open the doors this very day!!

Jesus In The Manger

As we picture Jesus as an infant in the manger, remember how humble and welcoming He is. He approached as human so we would approach Him as human. Come humbly to be with Him. Speak to Him as the loving friend and savior He is. One of us, Jesus is such a gift to us! Let us embrace His humanity today – and every day!

God’s Will

What is God’s Will for me? This is the question all mystics must ask. Many actions can be good. However, what are the actions God Will for me? Abandoning our need to control our lives in the act of sacrifice to Jesus is our calling. The is so hard for each of us. We spend our lives learning and doing. We want it to be “us”. This is positive. But, the better is what is God’s Will for us. Prayer and contemplation bring us closer to God to understand the Wisdom of our Triune God. The Holy Spirit can guide us to greater things when we truly listen in Silence with our hearts and souls. Seek to know and live God’s Will for you!

God Wants To Be Our Everything!

An I willing to give my all to God? This is what God wants. Jesus came, lived, and died to show us that God loves us more than we can even imagine. God pursues us always wanting to be our everything in this life – and in the next! Why do we hold back? Why not go all in and be His always? What holds us back? Now, it is time to accept this truth and let God be our everything!

Resist Temptation

The evil one is working to deceive us daily. Separating us from God is the devil’s singular mission. Confusing us and convincing us we don’t need God is the devil’s focus. We must run to Jesus and seek His guidance, security and peace. When we do, we will be held close and nothing can take us away from God. In it all, our souls are kept safe by Jesus who has won our salvation for all time. Stay close and do not stray. When you do, return immediately to Jesus to be forgiven and loved!