Are You Willing To Suffer?

Suffering is a part of life. When we suffer for others, it can be our way of loving them. We need to pray for the strength to love others even if it causes us to suffer. This is hard. Jesus acknowledged this fact – but was willing to suffer for us anyway. The saints and mystics did likewise. Are you willing to suffer to live Way of Jesus? Can you do it joyously?

Do Not Fear Desolation

As you mature in prayer, you are likely to experience periods of desolation. God has not abandoned you in this period where you do not feel the warmth of consolation with God. Jesus is never far from you. And yet, it will feel dry and even unproductive. Stick with your prayer. Jesus felt desolation as well. In the Garden prior to His Death, He felt abandoned and dry. He was never without His Abba Father. And, you also have God ever so near even during desolation.

Let God Be Your Father

We all desire a loving father. Let Abba God be your Father. Rest in His Love for you and all. A father takes care of his children. Our God is a faithful parent – oving, kind, and ever mindful of our needs. We must let Him in to love us. God wants to love us and care for our needs. Come into my life, Father of Life!

We Are His Spiritual House

Our souls are the spiritual home of our God. Our Triune God lives within us. Do we believe this? Do we create a home that is inviting to Our Lord? Virtues, good deeds and prayer create an inviting home for Jesus. It is where He most wants to reside – within us! Our lives become a means of preparing our souls for Abba Father, inviting in the Holy Spirit, and dwelling with Jesus. No more glorious space is a soul that is welcoming and endearing to God!

Devote Your Life To Prayer

We are spiritual beings in need of our connection with the Divine. All have a soul within that longs for connection with God. We too must acknowledge this deep longing and seek to satisfy it by seeking time with Jesus. Creating an ever deepening life of prayer and devotion is a natural course for us as spiritual beings. Go deep into your love of Jesus. Hold nothing back. Jesus wants all of us. Give it all to Him as you go to Him frequently throughout your day! It will only lead to a more joyous and meaningful life!

Let God Give You Joy

Do you let God be your joy unlike anywhere else? He is the foundation of all joy. He is there for us in our sorrow, fear and uncertainty. We need this rock in our lives. It is where we will find peace and joy. Despite the circumstances that can be good or bad, we find our salvation in Jesus Christ! Let joy invade your life daily!

God Gives Us All

Our minds, bodies, souls are gifts from God. Do we use these gifts wisely? Do we see our minds and bodies as temples for Jesus? Do we go deep within our souls to find Jesus Christ? Give all to God as God gives all to you! Hold nothing back! When we go all in for God we can begin to grasp the endless joy and love of our God! This is the most precious gift we could ever receive!