God Is Our Intimate Eternal Parent

Our God is our loving parent. Like any parent, God loves us so deeply and completely. We do not need to earn this love. It is ours – even if we refuse it. What are we to do for this love? Just accept it and live within it. Abba Father is ever so close! Soak up this eternal love without shame. Take it into yourself and rest deeply in this everlasting promise of love. All your troubles can be given to our caring and protective God. What joy!!

We Do Not Pray Alone

When we pray, we are not praying alone. Others across the globe are also in prayer. And the Angels and Saints are also in prayer and adoration with God. We can know that our simple prayer is not solitary. Instead, it is a part of a chorus of prayers lifting their hearts and souls to God. Take heart in knowing we are not alone. Our Guardian Angels are near us as we yearn for Jesus and meet Him in our prayers. Be joyous as a part of this prayer group that spans the universe!

Do You Get Distracted in Prayer?

Like many, it is so easy to get distracted in prayer. When our eyes should be fixed on Our Lord, we instead let petty distractions keep us from being present to Jesus. So many ways of the modern world are designed to draw our attention. These ways may not even be sinful or wrong. However, if they keep us from our prayer and service to others, they deprive us of true life and happiness. Guard against everyday distractions. Stay with Jesus Christ!

Guard Against Distractions That Keep You From Jesus

In modern life, we are all too often distracted. We have so many ways to fall short in our love for others and Jesus. Distractions can remove our single mindedness toward all that is Good and of Jesus. Watch what attracts you. Is it worthwhile or a distraction? Does it lead to doing the right things and loving others? If not, it is a distraction that subtracts from your life. Spend you limited time on love and prayer. Life is too short to waste!

No Idol Of This World Will Save Us

Self-sufficiency is promoted by our world. It is a myth and will lead to our unhappiness and much pain. We need Jesus and others. A life of deeper prayer and devotion will lead us to Jesus and His Ways. Love, hope, and joy follow a life of prayer and devotion. Give your heart to Jesus. Only He can heal you. No false idols or distractions can heal your heart and soul. Jesus can. Go to Him.

Do You Long To Be With Jesus Or Take Him For Granted?

Our longings can teach us much about what we most value. Do we long to be with Jesus in the Eucharist or in Holy Prayer? If not, what do we long to do? Where do we direct our attention? We can easily spend our hours in useless of even sinful ways. Instead, seek to be with Jesus! Long for His Presence in your life! What we long to do and actually do is up to us. We can learn to long to be with Jesus – for He longs to be with us!

Seek The Innocence Of A Child And Spiritual Maturity

Jesus wishes us to love with the sincere innocence of a child and spiritual freedom of a mature adult. Can we be both? Can we give ourselves completely to Jesus Christ? We can, even if it is not complete at first. Through the moments of each day, we can let Jesus and His Ways guide us on our way. We can be gentle, love deeply, care greatly, seek to assist others, and so much more. Through it all, we can be loved and cherished as a child of Christ. Seek this way to live!

Are You Committed To Contemplation?

Commitment is the first requirement to go deep into Jesus as a contemplative. Choosing the interior and not the exterior – at least for a meaningful amount of time – must include a deep commitment to be present with the ultimate Presence. Go deep. Go often. Find the way for you to give up the exterior focus which we easily have. Remember Who awaits you! Jesus Christ is amazing!! Give Him you – it is all He truly desires!! Come as you are to His Presence because He accepts all of you right now!!