Let Jesus Gaze Upon You

During your prayer time, let Jesus gaze upon you and reside deep in your heart. God is within you. At our Baptism, the Holy Spirit came to reside in us. Let our Triune Lord occupy your being during prayer time. Will you let this happen? Will you invite this Presence inside you? We must do so. When we do, we change the course of our moments and days.

Do You Desire God’s Will For You?

Abba Father desires to be loved. This longing to love and be loved is within each of us. Our God wants us to live a life of meaning, sacrifice and love. We are called to accept the Presence of God in our lives. Deep within our souls lives this Presence. When we respond to it we are living our calling. What is God’s Will for you? Can you discern His unique Grace for you? Who can help you find it? Maybe a trusted friend, a member of the clergy, a spiritual director, and discerning prayer is need to discover your unique calling to folllow the will of God. Never cease in seeking it with humility and perseverance. It will bring you peace, joy, hope, and love. The sacrifices will be worth it.

Can People See Christ In You?

We are called to live our lives carrying Christ within us. Will people say they see Christ in us? Living our lives with this desire gives us a sense of purpose and meaning. We are bringing Christ to the world! Give to others the love you are receiving from Jesus. When we do this, we are His true followers. Be joyous. Bring peace. Give kindness. Hold Jesus close to you today.

Do You Remember Your Baptism Daily?

How often do we remember the promise of our baptism? In your baptism, you received the Holy Spirit within you. We are called to live out our gift of the Holy Spirit through our loving actions toward others – even when they hurt us. I know I must remember and live my baptismal gift each day. I also know I fail to do so far too often. However, the gift within remains which gives me renewed hope and a chance to love again.

Is Jesus Your North Star?

Our lives must be centered on Jesus and His Way. Joy, peace and meaning come from His Presence in our lives. We can let so many worries of our lives crowd out the life within Jesus that is offered to us. Our struggles and anxiety can rob us of the comfort of Jesus. Keep you eyes fixed on your North Star – Jesus. He will never lead you astray. You will find your way to the life you are intended to have that is greater than you can ever imagine.

Is Jesus The Light Of Your Life?

Let Jesus be the light of your life. Let Him shine into the darkest corners of your fear and anxiety. Let Him give you Hope – eternal and forever within His Embrace! When we experience darkness, hopelessness and fear, we can turn to Him immediately and He will answer. It may be faint. It requires us to believe – even just a little. We need to let it into our hearts and to permeate our souls. But, then we will be healed and renewed. Let the Light of Jesus into your heart and soul!

Are You Willing To Give God More?

God’s love for us is not fleeting or temporary. It is all-encompassing and forever. Our Triune God wishes us to be set ablaze with love for God, others, and ourselves. The entire world in all of its glory is to be loved as something created of God. Are we afraid to give our complete self to this amazing love? Can we be eager to receive it and let it set us ablaze? Seek to be willing to give all to our loving God. In the process, you will receive immeasurable gifts of joy, love and hope!

How Do You Experience God?

We can all experience God in prayer and in observance of our blessings we receive daily. We must allow ourselves to experience this outpouring of love from our Triune God. Abba Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit wish to be with us throughout our day. We must let God in. Prayer can be nothing more than moments of silence and acceptance. We need not burden ourselves with worrying if our prayer is good enough. Our willingness to just pray is all God needs. We need only to be open to the Love that is offered.

Trinity Is Mystery

God as Trinity is a Mystery. And yet, it makes so much sense that God is relationship. God wants a relationship with all. God loves all that God has created. Abba, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are loving relationship. Our efforts must be to create loving relationships with others which is sometimes very difficult. May we call upon our Triune God to guide us in this effort.

Love As God Loves

God loves us unconditionally- and has since the beginning. This kind of love is unique. Unconditional love does not require reciprocal love from the other. It is pure love. We are loved purely by God without taking into account on how we will respond. What a Grace this is! When we love this way, especially those who will return our love with hate, we love as God loves. This is hard – but is the measure of Christian love. This is why we honor the martyrs. They loved even when killed by those they still loved. Seek to love as God loves us.