What Are Your Desires For Prayer?

Prayer is our desire to be in communion with God. When we pause to pray, we demonstrate we want to be connected to God. We have freewill like Jesus did. He choose to pray and follow the Will of Abba, Father. Our prayer is our humble attempt to seek the Divine. We can all make this attempt and God glories in this attempt – no matter how meager it is. Rejoice in this great truth! Seek prayer with God in any way that you find productive. For now, it will be enough.

Will I Let Jesus Do His Work In Me?

Jesus has much work to do in this world. Will we let it happen within us? If we are to be His hands and feet, we must let Him inform us, guide us, and direct our actions. To do so, we must let go of the ideas, thoughts, values and actions that are not His. This is the emptying that we need. In order to be filled with Him, we must be emptied of what is not Him. As we grow in Wisdom and Love, we will begin to know what we must let go of so we can take on all that is His. Let this be our task!

Where Do We Spend Our Precious Time?

Do you spend time on activities that are eternal? Will what you do last far beyond this moment? Prayer and service to others are eternal actions that will go on forever and touch the heart of Jesus, the heavenly hosts, and our neighbor here on earth. That is why there are really only two commandments according to Christ. We are to love God with all our heart, mind, and might – and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We are called to use our time wisely in this life to do these types of activity. We have eternity then to enjoy the fruits of our relationships and actions. Give this life to Jesus Christ!

Is Gratitude Your Attitude?

Our lives are a blessing and grace from the minute it begins until it ends. God gave us life to show us the depths of Love and to prepare us for eternal life in love. Can you see all that is around you with gratitude? Can you lift your praise to God always? Will the smile on your face betray your heart full of love and gratitude? If not, dive deep into being grateful for blessings and challenges. They are there for you to experience the true depth of God’s love for you!

Jesus Is Your Best Friend

Do you consider Jesus your best friend? He can be if you accept Him as such. What friend will be available always, wants what is always best for you, accept you back when you hurt or deny him, and loves you for eternity? Only Jesus can do these things. Embrace Jesus as your one true friend! Go to Him each minute of each day in thought or deed. Live your life intimately with Jesus!

Do You Experience Joy With God?

On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended on the Disciples and gave them the Fire of God. Oh what joy it must have been!! Do you experience the Joy of God in your life? Are you open to receiving Jesus with true joy and awe? We are called to lives of joy. Service is our call, but to a loving service where we are joyful. They will know we are Christians by our joyful love. It will be what attracts others to open their hearts to Jesus and let the Holy Spirit invade their lives!!

Loving God With Our Whole Heart

We are not called to love God meekly and with only part of our hearts. We are called to love God with all of our hearts. And our neighbor? We are to love them as ourselves. Jesus made this all very clear to us. Why do we not follow this? Jesus is our guide to life. His Way is to be our way. Jesus loved Abba with His whole heart. We can lean on Jesus to help us do likewise. The Holy Spirit will be our inspiration and Advocate. Let us love God with every ounce of our being!

Prayer Is Like Our Breath

We need to breathe to live. Our bodies must take in the life-giving air and breathe it back out – taking from it the nutrients of life. So must our souls pray. Prayer is the lifeblood of our life in union with God. Prayer is not words. It can be, but it can also be complete silence. Prayer is our attentiveness to God. Our Triune God gives us life each moment. When we pray, we acknowledge that God is our Essence, our Creator, Our Companion, and our Savior! Listen to your breathe. Let it remind you that your prayer is as necessary for your soul as breathing is for your body. Breathe in God. Exhale Jesus. Notice the Spirit. Be fully alive!