Are You Listening?

The voice of God is everywhere. All of creation speaks to the amazing God who loves us. Every tree, blade of grass, bird, and rock shouts God’s Glory! We can also hear the Good News of the Gospel. The words of Jesus and His actions show us how to love, serve and care for others and ourselves. Jesus Christ gives us faith, hope and love! Listen for God in your life!

Let Jesus Comfort You

Jesus always is with you. Through trials and tribulations He remains with us and loves us more than we love ourselves. In times of joy and sorrow, go to Him in silent or verbal prayer. Seek His wonderful presence to lift you up during your times of pain. He is everlasting. Let your relationship with Him blossom beyond all measure!

We Must Remain In Jesus Christ

Our lives are gifts of Grace. We often live in darkness as our lives take twists and turns of hurt and loss. Throughout we must remain in Jesus and follow the Way. With humility, we must give of ourselves to others. Gratefulness for our lives must permeate all that we are. Service must be our vocation like it was with Jesus. If we remain steadfast in faith, hope and love, we will reap a life of great Grace.

Everywhere And In Nothingness

God is everywhere and within all things. And yet, we can find God even in nothingness. None of us can escape God. There is no place or time without God. Every moment of our being involves the Creator. This is true of all created matter. We have the special gift of Jesus Christ also. Jesus is God Incarnate. What a blessing to have the Son of God walk with us, teach us and guide us each moment of each day. God is truly with us always.

Empty Yourself Into Jesus Christ

As a mystic, you will be emptying yourself to be filled with Jesus. Follow Jesus and His example. He emptied Himself to follow the will of Abba Father. His life became one of love and service. It cost Him his very life. We too must love so completely to be lost in Him. As Jesus said, the seed must die to give life. Empty yourself fully into Jesus to find your one amazing life meant for you.