Jan 21

How Is The Fire In Your Soul?

Is the fire burning in your soul for Jesus? We must ask ourselves frequently the condition of our spiritual life and our soul. When we are losing hope or faith, we need to turn to Jesus, our friends in the Church, family who love us and friends who care deeply about our wellbeing. Seek to have the fire of Jesus burning brightly in your life!

Jan 21

Stay On You Path With Jesus

We can become lost in our spiritual journey. We must hold tight to our walk of faith with Jesus. Daily prayer, Scripture reading, Mass, and serving others can help keep us grounded in our spiritual walk. Guard against thoughts to lessen your time with Jesus. Spend time with the One whose love is endless.

Jan 21

Jesus Is Our Friend And Savior

You have a friend in Jesus. How do you treat your friend? Do you go often to spend time with Him? Do you share all of your feelings and thoughts freely? Do you seek to learn, grow and become more like your friend Jesus? We have a friend and Savior in Jesus. We are so blessed to have such an opportunity. We must seize it each day.

Jan 21

Stay True To Your Walk With Jesus

Stay on the path of Jesus Christ. Many other paths may be appealing, but will they bring you peace, hope and joy? When you walk with Jesus, you can lean on His tender Grace. You can know that a friend and your Savior will carry you when you need it and rejoice with you in triumph. You will know no greater friend and companion.

Jan 21

What’s Your Path To Jesus?

Stay on the path that walks with Jesus. Many paths appear pleasing and exciting. However, the Way of Jesus provides faith, hope, peace, justice and love. Judge what is right for you. Seek the loving way and approach that keeps you humble and serving others. Love God with your whole being and watch your life blossom.

Jan 21

Invest In Your Prayer Life

Create a healthy prayer life and maintain it. Be intentional about spending time with Jesus. Spend quiet time in meditation with Jesus. Read Scriptures, especially the Gospels, to find the words of God and specifically Jesus. Reflect on His Word and its presence in your life. Pause for meal prayers, prayers at bedtime and other moments you find fitting. Read spiritual works that enhance your faith. Create a robust relationship with Jesus that will sustain your life as a Christian.

Jan 21

Offer Your Prayers In Love

Who are you praying for? Pray for those whose lives need the Lord’s assistance. Pray for guidance to live a life worthy of Jesus and His Love and Sacrifice. Pray for peace, joy, justice and hope. Be a person whose gaze is upon the Way of Jesus each day. Simple prayer and service is what we are called to offer.

Jan 21

Grow Spiritual Fruit In Your Life

We will be known by the spiritual fruit of our efforts. By our deeds of love and service, they will know we love and follow Jesus Christ. Root yourself in practices that bring good fruit from your life. When we do this, we know we walk with Jesus.

Jan 21

Live In The Way Of Jesus

Fill you mind with the Way of Jesus. He is humble, kind, caring, giving and sacrificing. We must fill our minds with the things that are good and refrain from thoughts that cause us sin or to hurt others. Live in the Spirit.

Jan 21

Do Not Judge Others

Do not judge others. This is God’s task alone. Let your heart rest in Him and follow the Way of Jesus. When you walk humbly with Our Lord, you will see your own sins. Seek forgiveness from Jesus and start again. Love others. Serve others. Remain faithful in prayer.