Nov 20

Draw Close To Jesus

Come near to Jesus. All good comes from God and it is revealed in Jesus. Spend time with God. Spend time getting to know Jesus. Seek the Holy Spirit. God is unchanging and can ground you during life’s turmoils which are inevitable. Cling to Jesus in faith, hope and love.

Nov 20

Delight In Your Time With Jesus

God takes great delight in us as we pray. Jesus wants to spend time with us as our loving Savior and Friend. Go frequently to His Presence in your heart. We need to take delight in this wonderful opportunity to be with Jesus.

Nov 20

Find Jesus In The Depth of Your Soul

Find God in the depths of your heart. Let Jesus speak to you many times a day without words. The depths of our souls are hidden and available only to Jesus. Go in private to find Him there. Silence, openness, and humility help us find God in sorrow, fear and great joy! Jesus wants us to have life to the fullest. He said so in the Gospels!

Nov 20

Find Your Hidden Moments With Jesus

Go to your hidden place of prayer often. It can be a physical place or just a hidden moment of silence. These places and times of prayer where no one knows you are at prayer a good for you soul. Only Jesus knows you are with Him. It is to Him alone you are retreating. No one to watch you and know one to interrupt you. Soak in these times of one-on-one Presence with Jesus.

Nov 20

Jesus Calls Us To Be Like Children

We are to be childlike in our prayer. Why would Jesus say this to adults? He said he wanted us to be open, playful and humble. Children thirst to listen, learn and be joyful. They believe in mystery and they have boundless energy. We too can be like this. Jesus encourages us to be like children. However, He does not ask us to be childish. Childish behaviors do not lend us to being loving, faithful and joyous.

Nov 20

Be A Child Of The Light

I pray I may be a child of the Light. May my actions show I am a follower of Jesus. May all my being be wrapped up in being a child of the Living Lord. Through prayer, reflection and actions I want to be light for others.

Nov 20

Be Playful With Jesus Too

Our prayer with Jesus can be playful. Why do we feel we must always be serious in prayer? Smile with Jesus. Recall good times in your life. Gratefulness can be playful and joyous. Let our prayer be playful and joyful too!

Nov 20

Our Souls Thirst For Jesus

My soul is thirsty for Jesus. Some days I long so much for the presence of Jesus. Parched and dry is my soul. This longing reminds me just how vital Jesus is to my soul. Like water for my body, I cannot do without it. The Words, Example and Presence of Jesus is the nourishment I need to quench my thirsty soul.

Nov 20

Jesus Saves Us Daily!

Jesus saves me nearly daily. How? He rescues me from sin. He sits with me in silence when I am scared and alone. He guides me through His words in Scripture. I see how He lived in the Gospels. Jesus too was afraid and sad like in the Garden before His death. He too felt abandoned like right before He died on the Cross. Jesus saves us in so many ways!

Nov 20

Walk With Jesus Through Your Darkness

We will be called to walk in the darkness of our lives. It will not be easy. We must grasp the hand of Jesus and stay faithful. Jesus will not abandon us. We must stay close to Jesus when our lives have darkness in them.