Apr 20

Walk Imperfectly with Jesus - but Walk Just the Same!

I walk imperfectly in the Way, the Truth and Life of Jesus. I must take on the Mind of Jesus. I must Change My Mind - or Repent. It is a different way than mine or the world’s way. It is a journey of love to and with Jesus - and much to journey yet for me in this life.

Apr 20

Is Your Soul Burning with Jesus?

My soul is burning with love of Jesus. However, at times it burns meekly and other times roars with delight. I search for the wood to stoke the fire but realize it comes from each moment of loving action. I must be vigilant to stoke this love of Jesus each moment through loving action! I pray I will!

Apr 20

Find Jesus in Your Heart - and Live More Fully

I most treasure the love of Jesus in my heart. I wish to live more fully in the moment. I know that it is where I must live to fully be present. The present is the present of God to me. It remains my prayer that I should be more fully alive in each moment.

Apr 20

Jesus is Our Beloved

I have experienced the love of Jesus is so, so many ways! He is my beloved. He is my closest friend. Even when I stray and deny this reality - He never abandons me. He waits patiently for me to return. When I do, He opens his arms wide to comfort me and Love me! I am so very grateful for this Love!

Apr 20

We Need God’s Help Each Moment of Our Day

I need God’s help moment by moment. Too often I live in fear and with uncertainty. I need the Grace of moment by moment help. I must spend each moment as the gift it is!! I pray for this help!!

Apr 20

Do You Delight in the Presence of Christ?

I have been able to feast on the overwhelming abundance of Christ while at Mass after Communion, in silent prayer during morning reflection, when I am with family and close friends, and so many undeserved and yet delightful moments throughout my days. What a Grace!!!!

Apr 20

Finding the Love of God in Your Life

My parents first help me experience God. I remember my mothers caring love and my father spending time with me. Their love along with my family and friends helped me see and to later model this love. I have always had love in my life from others. This is the love of God.

Apr 20

How Have You Come to Know God?

I first came to know the love of God through my parents. Their love and kindness showed me the power and the need for true unconditional love. I then met God through prayer. My First Communion stands out as a time of deep connection with God and I felt the Presence of Jesus in a most profound way. Over time, I have come to know and experience the amazing Love of God!

Apr 20

Transform Who You Are Through Action

This year as been an endless transformation as I gave of my time and talents to my community. I helped many nonprofits who help the poor and forgotten of our local community. I started a book group gathering and so many more ways to serve. I am grateful for all the Lord has done for, with and through me!

Apr 20

Jesus is Always By My Side

It is impossible to count the times that the Lord has entered my days. Each moment of each day is an empowering experience. In times of trouble, He comforts me. In times of fear, He provides me courage. Always by my side is Jesus.