Jesus is Always Here!

Jesus the historical person died over 2,000 years ago.  And yet, He lives!  During the Christmas Season we celebrate His birth as a small, defenseless child.  How is this possible that the Lord of All came as a poor, insignificant baby into the world?  It is a clear demonstration of God’s love for us – and each of our worth to God.  It causes me to be in awe and to be humbled.  How about you?  This same amazing presence is available to you right now.  If you calm your being and open your heart – you can experience this awesome experience. Our God is available to all whenever we want.  As a mystic, accept this and be silent.  Enjoy this special gift!

Holiday Mystics

The holidays are here.  We just finished Thanksgiving in the US and we are on to Christmas now.  Christmas for so many of us can be challenging.  So much to do and so many people to prepare for.  We buy gifts, send cards, go to events, plan our own gatherings – and do all the things we normally do in our lives.  Wow!  It’s a lot to do.  And yet, the season also asks us to slow down, reflect and spend time with Our Lord. It’s the month that we Christians celebrate the Birth of Jesus.  This requires a different approach to our holidays.  Where is the prayer time I need?  When will I spend time with people?  How many gifts must I really buy?  How many events can I really attend?  Who do I need to pay attention to?  All good questions for each of us?  Setting the intention of being a “holiday mystic” may be the necessary first step for us.  Then, we can chart a course to a more prayerful, richer Christmas for us and those we love.

Spiritual Joy!

Mystics see joy everywhere!  Joy originates with the seer.  We tend to believe that we can experience joy through events.  In some cases we do.  However, we can also be joyful at all times.  It is how we emerge ourselves in the situation. Do we seek to be present in a joyful way?  Do we seek to be open to the breaking through of joy?  Our Lord wants us to be joyful always!  We can – and should  – seek to be joyful!

Surrender to God

As a mystic, we eventually will realize that we need to surrender to the Eternal.  We can try for years to do it on our own.  We can’t!  I keep finding this out.  You think I would learn – but I do not.  I keep learning this over and over.  I just need to fall into the arms of Our Lord.   I need to walk hand in hand with God.  Jesus shows me the way.  Why do I resist this so much!   I need not to.  How about you?

Never Give Up!

There are times when you will want to give up.  There will be times when you feel you are not worthy of God’s love.   There will be times that will test your faith, your patience and your resolve.  Be still and let God be God.  Do not give up – continue on in prayer and conviction. Our Lord will walk with you through the dark night of your life.  Know this is Who God Is.  Have faith – and never give up!