Everyday We Can Experience God

Each day provides a chance to experience our Triune God. But to do so, we must be mindful and available. This is our choice. We usually refer to this as prayer. And, it does not need to be complicated. A simple pause, a well-known verse, an Our Father, and a Centering Prayer period all are forms of prayer that allow us to experience our Triune God.

It’s up to us. God is always available. Will we make ourselves available?  Will you make yourself available?

Mass Today Is Remarkably Close To Those Of The Early Church

St. Justin Martyr (First Apology, 67) gives a remarkable description of early Masses about 100 years after the first Christians began celebrating Mass. It bears so much resemblance to what we celebrate today! Do you take comfort in knowing that we today celebrate the Holy Eucharist and the Mass like our Christian ancestors? I know I do. It links me to the history of our profound Church and it’s mission to bring the Good News to all as is our Baptismal Calling!

Gifts From Baptism

Baptism gives us wonderful gifts to sustain us on the journey we call life. The Holy Spirit, if we allow, inspires, guides, and protects us. The Spirit conforms us into a new living Christ. We must live up to the potential of our Baptism and keep our souls open to how we are to evolve and grow in Christ. Accept the gifts of your Baptism!!

What Does Your Baptism Mean To You?

How would you describe Baptism and what it brings to you in your life? Does it have a deep and lasting impact on how you see and live your life? As St. Gregory Nazianzen says, “We call it the gift, the grace, baptism (immersion), anointing, illumination, the clothing of immortality, the basin of rebirth, the seal, and everything that’s honorable. We call it the gift, because it’s given to us in return for nothing on our part…” (On Holy Baptism, 3–4). Let your Baptism take hold of you daily where you give your life to Jesus Christ in return for this amazing gift!!

Persevere In Faith

Life is challenging. This is why we must remain in God’s trust until we pass from this life. Alone we cannot persevere. We need the daily assistance of our Triune God. In Christ we receive forgiveness. In the Spirit we receive guidance and fortitude. In Abba, Father we are recreated time and time again. Let us always believe and hope in the saving Grace of our God!

Sins Weigh Us Down

Our sin can drag us down and prevent us from lifting our eyes and heart to Jesus. Seek the mercy of Jesus Christ for His forgiveness! We journey to be with Him in Heaven. Our souls long for His presence now and in eternity. The stain of sin in our lives keeps our souls from soaring ever higher. Address these stains of sin in your life. Seek forgiveness and healing from the Great Healer and Lover Jesus! Grow in confidence that all can be forgiven and all called to the Way of Jesus!

Heavenly Hosts Call You To Heaven

Do you realize that all of Heaven calls to you to join them? Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Abba, Father call to us to join them in eternity! Our Blessed Mother Mary urges us to accept this merciful invitation to come be joyful and satisfied forever. And yet, we can choose Hell and its endless torment. As they say, it is heaven all the way to Heaven – and hell all the way to Hell. Let us choose wisely!

Hell Is Hell Because It Is Eternity Without God

The horror of hell is us choosing to spend eternity outside the presence of God. We would not be with Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Abba Father. Neither would we be with the Communion of Saints and Angels. We would long to be with our friends and family in Heaven. This pain alone would make our existence unbearable. We must choose to live our lives worthy of Heaven. From our sin, we must repent and return to our loving God who always accepts our return. Let us seek forgiveness of our sins and remain on the path to Enternal Life to be with our Savior Jesus Christ!

Ponder Heaven

What great joy lies ahead in Heaven for those of us who are called!! Meditate frequently upon the coming endless joy of time with God and the community of Saints and Angels. Use this as fuel to undertake the sacrifices and to withstand the temptations within this life. Let it inspire and give you courage to run the the good race!

Coming Face To Face With God

Heaven is the place we will see God face to face. This is where we will embrace Jesus Christ. It should strengthen and inspire us. When we live according the the Way of Jesus, we live the hope of eternal life with Him. Guided by the Holy Spirit and loved by our Triune God, we can rest in the peace of knowing that the pain and sorrow of this life is limited to this life. Heaven is Heaven because it is where we are with God completely and the Saints and Angels who are with us there.