Mar 17

Everyday We Can Experience God

Each day provides a chance to experience our Triune God. But to do so, we must be mindful and available. This is our choice. We usually refer to this as prayer. And, it does not need to be complicated. A simple pause, a well-known verse, an Our Father, and a Centering Prayer period all are forms of prayer that allow us to experience our Triune God.

It's up to us. God is always available. Will we make ourselves available?  Will you make yourself available?

Aug 19

A Mystic Surrenders to Grace

It is so hard to give over control of one's life to another. And yet, we have a Savior we can trust to love. lead and walk with us on the journey. Mystics die to themselves first so they can be born anew in Grace.

Aug 19

Mystics Use What They Are Given

Mystics use what is given. Often we cannot choose our circumstances. We just must respond from the Grace within. All we need in the moment is given by God. It is always available. We must just be open - and use it. This takes faith - and courage!

Jul 19

Mystics Embrace All Life Offers

Life is often unpredictable. Sometimes we can tell what is coming. Other times it surprises us. Mystics embrace it all. With Grace, we can journey on confidently that we are loved by Jesus Christ. This is enough for today.

Jul 19

Mystics Need Silence

Mystics need to cultivate periods of silence in their lives. Silence is where God breaks through into our lives. Our minds race ahead. Our being follows. Give yourself the gift of silent moments - and the awareness of God in those moments. God certainly is with us and in us always. Silent moments are where we can recognize it and be truly grateful for it. Let go - and let God speak to your heart in silence.

Jul 19

Humans are Wired for Love

Scientists now tell us we are wired to seek love and connection. Mystics honor this need by seeking genuine connection and love with all. As mystics, we just live this truth daily.

Jul 19

Why Be A Mystic?

Because a mystic is one who has moved beyond belief or belonging systems to actual inner experience of God.

Jul 19

All is Mystery

If we are honest, our entire life is a mystery. We attempted to make sense of it. We strive to make it meaningful. We struggle, love, cry, and give of ourselves - all in mystery! Let's us rejoice in this Mystery of God and Grace!

Jul 19

Mystics are about Action

Mystics generally are about acting on their immersion in all that is Scared. All is Sacred - they see this and act to reclaim what has been temporary lost. They celebrate what is going well. They do work hard to proclaim the Kingdom as Christ proclaimed!

Jul 19

Mystics Live Simply

Mystics don't need much in the way of material things. All is sacred. Living simply allows them to devote more time to relationships and to appreciate what they have. More can mean less- time, money and serving others. Simple is more.

Jul 19

Mystics Must Learn to Trust the Moment

Mystics must learn that the moment we have now holds all the Grace necessary for us. We are loved no matter what we do. Grace abounds! And yet, choosing to live with Grace is the Way of the Mystics. Trust this moment. It holds your truest self.