Everyday We Can Experience God

Each day provides a chance to experience our Triune God. But to do so, we must be mindful and available. This is our choice. We usually refer to this as prayer. And, it does not need to be complicated. A simple pause, a well-known verse, an Our Father, and a Centering Prayer period all are forms of prayer that allow us to experience our Triune God.

It’s up to us. God is always available. Will we make ourselves available?  Will you make yourself available?

Wait For Jesus

How are you at waiting for Jesus? It may feel at times like prayer is a waste of time. But, is it really? If you don’t feel anything, does that make it a waste of time for you? We will wait patiently for many things and many other people. Why don’t we do the same for Jesus, our eternal friend and savior? Spend time waiting on the Lord Jesus Christ. You will never be disappointed when He finally arrives.

Living Temples

Our lives are living temples of God. Within us resides the Triune God. Live you life as an expression of God’s love for all people and all of creation. When we live in this manner, we are living our calling. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Dwells Within Us

We are the sacred temples of Jesus Christ. Within us lives the Triune God. Reflect on that for just a moment. How does it feel? We are called to be the hands and feet of God’s faith, hope and love for the world. Each moment we can exercise our free will and live lives of great value to those around us. Choose to embrace the Christ within.

God Will Surprise You

God will certainly surprise you by appearing in your life in many unexpected ways. We expect God in our loved ones. We may not expect the presence of God is many others who show us kindness. Every encounter with nature is an encounter with the living God that gives life to everything. Let God surprise you today!

Listen To Jesus

We have ears, but do we listen? The Ways of Jesus are available to us if we listen to the Gospel, our faith community, wise words of the great saints, and to our conscience. Jesus wants to help us so very much. We need only listen to Him and He will guide us daily.

Cling To Jesus

We can cling to so many things in our lives. We can make them idols or gods and give our attention to them. Instead, give your attention to Jesus and His Way. Let your heart fall into Him. Find rest and comfort from your weariness. Easter Season is every season now that He is Risen!

Don’t Give Up

As you grow in your spiritual life, you will likely get frustrated. So many things and events in our lives can cloud the beauty and goodness of our life with Jesus. Stay faithful to the message that is in your heart. Go daily to be with Jesus even if you experience dryness during your prayer. Jesus is present. The Holy Spirit is still at work. Abba Father is still creating all that is and will ever be. Stay faithful.